Wholehearted Irreversible Change

This defines us. Just like adventure, battle, and beauty rest deep in the heart of every man, so rests the desire for wholeheartedness. And let’s be honest, we’ve lost heart. You’ve lost heart. Why? How did this happen? And how do I get it back?

We've Lost Our Fire

Remember what it felt like to have true passion… for life… for God… for the adventure ahead? Let’s get it back.

We've Lost Our Calling

God has commanded every man to lead his family spiritually. Are you shouldering that responsibility? Do you understand what’s at stake? Lean into it.

We've Lost Our Cadre

Men need brothers. We’re made for it. Yet most have lost the critical honing impact a brother in Christ can have. Do not do this alone.

For if you are going to know who you truly are as a man… you simply must get your heart back. You must head up into the high country of the soul, into the wild and uncharted regions and track down that elusive prey.

— John Eldredge

Recover What Was Lost.
Here's How...


Start or join an IRNMN
(Iron Man) group

Built on Scripture and brotherhood, the IRNMN group is key for men to achieve wholehearted irreversible change.

Boot Camp

Attend a Wild at Heart Boot Camp or TTF Conference

Take a four-day quest into the recovery of a man’s masculine soul as outlined in the book, Wild at Heart, by John Eldredge.


An epic week in the wild with the Montana Intensive Program

Find your heart again. Experience true worship and wonder in the wilds of Montana. It’s a week that will change you forever.

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